Blenheim Childrens’ Centre Oasis Project – 2007

The centre was in the process of being refurbished - the old Blenheim primary school was an excellent temporary art studio where we ran workshops throughout the spring term. The centre has a wonderful courtyard space and Janice Chan Centre coordinator had the vision to commission shine public art to make picnic benches and a mural for people to use there.

Mosaic table tops were made by parents and carers, based on their own designs, the alphabet, a rainbow the jungle book, Elmer the elephant and a Mattisse paper cut were starting points for 5 table tops.

Clay tile elements were made, painted and glazed and used with traditional mosaic materials. Larger tiles were made to form the focus for an oasis mural, and more mosaic panels created for leaves and sun and moon. Small chairs from the old primary school were salvaged and transformed into attractive contemporary looking chairs for children using the crèche at the centre.

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