Holmewood Nursery - Number Trail

We were invited to make ten mosaic panels, numbers 1 to 10, to be permanently installed within the exterior spaces of the nursery.

The pupils at Holmewood Nursery enjoy an incredibly rich experience of activities and outside of structured group time, are encouraged to move between them independently.

We structured our sessions as drop in workshops and where possible worked with just 6 children at a time, sometimes we found many more had enthusiastically joined in! Children were encourages to stay as long as they were enjoying and engaged in the work, some stayed for 5 minutes others had to be torn away for group time or going home, having been focussed and productive for as long as 40 minutes.

We were keen for the children to experience the making process as creatively and fully as possible, so we made tiles, glazed and made mosaic with as many children as we could.